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Be Unique, Creative and Extraordinary – Mohd. Arif Agam

Mohd. Arif Agam is a Professor at the Department of Physics and Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Johor, Malaysia. He is currently the Director of the Students Development Center (PBP).

He graduated from Nanoscale Physics Laboratory at the University of Birmingham in 2006, was awarded Best Malaysian UK Student in 2005 and has work experience of more than 20 years as an educator. He started his career as a teacher from 1989-2000 before joining UTHM in 2000.

In management, he held several positions at the University, as the Deputy Dean for Research (2009-2012) and Deputy Dean for Graduate Schools (2013-2015). He has contributed to vast and diverse UTHM projects and faculty programs, including as the key person in the development of the Nanotechnology Laboratory (MINT-SRC) and the newly formed I2E Institute ( Institute of Integrated Engineering) at UTHM. 

His research interest includes laser/electron beam/radioactive irradiation to polymers (polystyrene and polyaniline), which are now diversified into polymers mono and bi-metal nanocomposites able to be tuned by dopants concentration and low-intensity laser irradiation. The diversification of his research has reached bio-synthesis, water remediation, wave absorber materials and solar cell research based on polymer-metal-nanocomposite and their restructuring phenomena due to low-intensity laser irradiation dosages.

He is also interested in education, especially in understanding geniuses’ styles in exploring knowledge and Chaos Theory contribution in pursuing a PhD, which leads him to write a book entitled “ Genius Menggapai PhD” (Genius Style in Getting PhD) UTHM Publisher 2017.

He was invited as a Visiting Scholar/Professor at Tianjin University (2019) and Ibn Tufail Kenitra, Morocco (2020). Recently he was offered to be an evaluator by Jiangsu Qinfei Talent Search, a program designed by China to invite well-known world scientists to work and develop new products for China’s international companies.



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Professor Dr. Mohd. Arif Agam

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)



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