UTHM Expert: Professor Sr Ts. Dr. Lokman Hakim Ismail

Lokman Hakim Ismail is a Professor at the Department of Architecture, Building and Construction Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Built Environment, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). He is currently the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) of the university. Besides that, he is also a Principal Researcher at the Jamilus Research Centre (JRC) and a member of the Vibration Acoustics & Sound Testing (VASTest) research group.

Professor Sr Ts. Dr. Lokman Hakim Ismail is a registered member of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (Building Surveying Division) and Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT) as a Professional Technologist in Building and Construction Technology. Prof. Lokman holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Architecture (2008) from the University of Liverpool and a Master’s Degree in Environment (1999) from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Hons) in housing, building, and planning (building engineering) (1996) from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Prof. Lokman has over twenty-five years of experience in both academia and industry. The vast experience in the construction industry and academic administrative leadership have helped him in shaping the higher education institution into a new dimension. He is actively involved in the development of curricula for all academic levels of higher education.

As a professor in architecture, building, and environmental engineering, he writes research papers that focus on various sustainability aspects. His research direction mainly focuses on the sustainable development of natural and built environments that is by creating a better environment through design, planning, and construction technology. Prof. Lokman has been granted several types of funding for research as a leader and associate researcher and has supervised over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate research students. His knowledge and experience have enabled him to make immense contributions to research and publish numerous articles in prestigious journals including the Journal of Building Engineering, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Journal of Physics, and International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing.

Prof. Lokman is frequently invited as a Ph.D. examiner by several universities in Malaysia and acted as a peer reviewer for many leading international journals and assessed numerous research proposals by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Prof. Lokman is a committed and performance-driven consultant in his endeavour in making the world a better home. He persistently contributes to environmental sustainability projects and engages in ecological architecture, building and environment as well as infrastructure designs and developments. Other than that, he also has remarkable accomplishments in building and construction consultancy projects that have helped clients to conduct their business and guided authorities to generate revenues.




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Professor Sr Ts. Dr. Lokman Hakim Ismail

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

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