PAGOH – Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) has received a total of 666 new students who enrolled for the diploma program on the first day of registration which was held on 30th of June at the Pagoh Campus.

For this year’s enrollment, a total of 442 male students and 224 female students registered as diploma students.

The registration involved three locations; Pagoh 1 Residential College (394 students), Pagoh 2 Residential College (160 students) and Pagoh 3 Residential College (112 students).

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni, Associate Professor Dr. Afandi Ahmad and UTHM Pagoh Campus Provost, Professor Dato Dr. Abdul Razak Haji Omar were at the registration sites to greet the parents who were present with their children.

Prof Dr. Abdul Razak during his interview expressed his hopes for the new students to take the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as they can at the university. “University is a place full of knowledge so the students have to take the opportunity to pursue as much knowledge as possible for excellence,” he said.

He added that the university will always assist and strive for this branch campus as the development centre for Pagoh, thus enabling the local economy to continue to thrive.

Syaza Nurbatrisyia Mohd Razif, 18, one of the students during the Students Transformation Week, stated that she chose to pursue civil engineering at UTHM because of her deep interest as well as getting full support from her family.

“I am aspired to be an architect and I want to make my parents’ dream come true to see me excel in my studies. Studying at UTHM is the beginning for me as I intend to pursue my studies to a higher level and if possible overseas in the same discipline,” said Syaza who is from Kuala Lumpur.

Eemersson Kissol, 18, from Sabah, said that although Johor is far from his hometown, it is not an obstacle for him to pursue his ambition to become an engineer.

“I came with my eldest brother who always gives me great support and motivation to pursue my studies at this university with professional lecturers in their respective fields,” he said.

For Tarvimraj Subramaniam, 20, who came from Johor, he chose UTHM because for him, this university is a perfect choice and it is also a family choice. The civil engineering program at UTHM is very relevant and excellent in fulfilling the industry’s requirement. He added that his dream of becoming a civil engineer is not solely because of popularity or income, but he has grown an interest in the field since he was young.

New students are required to attend a week-long Student Transformation Week (MTM). A session with several national and university leaders, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni, Provost and Student Representative Council (MPP), as well as briefing sessions such as Introduction to the University’s Briefing, Information Technology Center Briefing, Educational Loan Briefing, Library, Students Disciplinary Board and Security will be held during MTM.